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Client Reviews

CJ is a great teacher and presenter. Good balance between practical application, PMBOK, test, PMP. The practical applications of concepts and information were great. I have taken formal project management training at CSU, Cornelius Fichtner, and PMITC. This is by far the best training I’ve had. The instructor was top notch in making the material understandable and presented in an easily digestible way.

Traci Griffin
MS, PMP, SR IT Project Manager, Healthcare

We have a saying here, “Do something right; thank them” … He is a smart, supportive and customer-focused champion that I wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to. He carried himself with authority, commanded leadership, and exuded charisma. His level of dedication to our project was truly appreciated. As challenges arose, Cecilio was completely successful in removing the burden, thereby allowing my team and I to concentrate on the job at hand.

Senior IT MGR

Cecilio was my point of contact to support LSI’s corporate relocation to San Jose, California. We had hundreds of rack mounted computers and storage units, mostly undocumented. Frankly, it was a complete mess. Cecilio delivered with a process, a team and tangible results. As issues were discovered, we had to change and extend the plan a few times before we finished, but it all worked out. I credit Cecilio with his skill and experience for making this potential nightmare a move that is now behind us. We would not have been successful without his leadership and team.

George Kauffman
Senior Engineering Manager, LSI

Yelp Reviews

      I attended the PMI-ACP training by CJ, which was really fun and inspiring! There were only two students and I came from wine industry with PMP only no Scrum knowledge. But CJ was able to explain all the concepts to me with some detailed wine industry examples to help me understand. I can see that he is very talented and experience in this area! What's more, he offered me insights about Lean Six Sigma and other trendy concepts/theories, which really benefit my future development. I am very happy to be in his class and I highly recommend his classes to anyone interested in this area!

    thumb Jing J.

      I took the PMP pre course with Project Management Academy In October 2016. CJ is a great instructor and really gears his class towards passing the course and gives tips and tricks in order to succeed. I enjoyed the course and CJ was very accommodating. I also liked that the class was in person and on the smaller side as that allowed more time for students to ask questions. In terms of application guidance, CJ did provide direction in the process and even reviewed my submission prior to sending in the application to make sure what I was submitting was along the lines of what PMI would be looking for, so for that i'm grateful. I would highly recommend CJ and CAT for anyone looking for a supportive PMP cert. course.

    thumb Susy H.

      I took the PMP pre course with Project Management Academy in July 2016. I enjoyed the course and CJ was great and very accommodating. I also liked that the class was in person and on the smaller side as that allowed more time for students to ask questions. In terms of application guidance, CJ did provide to me some direction in the process and even reviewed my submission prior to sending in the application to make sure what I was submitting was along the lines of what PMI would be looking for, so for that i'm grateful, as I don't think I would have done as good of a job as I did in that regard. CJ is a great instructor and really gears his class towards passing the course and gives tips and tricks in order to succeed.

    thumb Bob B.

      At the end of August I signed up for PMA's bootcamp for the PMP exam, and was lucky enough to have Cecilio "CJ" Mills as my instructor. He basically went through years worth of information in 4 days, and made it interesting. He used real life situations as examples to demonstrate concepts which made consuming the information that much easier. Three weeks after his class, I passed my PMP exam. I don't think I would have passed - or at least felt prepared enough to pass, if I had not taken CJ's class. He is a wonderful instructor - and truly a master of his craft. Thank you CJ! I would recommend his class to anyone wanting to become PMP certified.

    thumb Sam F.

      Cecilio (our instructor) came highly recommended by my wife and I had the opportunity to sit in his class a couple of months after she completed her course. My wife wasn't kidding - Cecilio came to the class prepared and had an energy about him when talking about project management that truly made me believe that he has found his calling. CJ is funny, patient, kind, and helpful, and he has a seemingly endless supply of real-life examples he can use to illustrate his points and bring some very complex concepts to life. I would highly recommend any course that CJ teaches as you will come out of the class with much greater clarity about the topic.

    thumb David S.

      I took the PMP Bootcamp with Cecilio (CJ) Mills in June 2016. I thought it would be boring and very tech class, but I was so surprised by CJ' s class, he did not even cover all the material that should take the whole semester in one week, he summarized the main stuff and related them in very clear ways and that helped me to remember and understand the contents, after the class, I passed the test after two weeks! Thanks CJ! Who wants to get PMP, go to CJ, you will not be regret!

    thumb Karen B.

      I took the PMA bootcamp Sept. 12-15 and passed the exam on Oct. 14.  My instructor CJ Mills was highly knowledgable and very engaging.  He made the PMBOK material easier to comprehend by providing practical examples & tips & tricks to mastering the PMP exam.  The PMA website was also very helpful, with it's study guides & practice exams.  After the bootcamp I was well-prepared to study on my own & take the exam.  I definitely recommend this bootcamp and CJ Mills for any PMP candidate.

    thumb Anne A.

      I took the PMP Bootcamp with Cecilio (CJ) Mills in April 2016. I was expecting a week of caffeine fixes to keep myself awake each day but the class ended up being far from boring. CJ made sure we were able to understand the concepts as it applies in real life. Our class was engaged and had great discussions all week. By the end of the week, I received a 67% on the mock exam with just the information I learned in class. It was recommended that we do home study in the evenings but life just got in the way. It goes to show that learning real life applications is far more effective than mindless data dump.  

    The instructor definitely makes the class. I would highly recommend CJ to prepare you for the PMP exam.

    thumb shelly t.

      I had the opportunity to take the PMP bootcamp early November through my work. We had CJ as our instructor and he was awesome! He was energetic and enthusiastic throughout the 4-day workshop. He knew the PMBOK inside out and was able to help us understand the material better. He also pointed out key terms/formulas we should memorize and provided us with tips and tricks to help us pass the exam.

    With his study plan, I was able to write and pass the PMP exam on my first try a month after completing the bootcamp.

    Thank you, CJ!!

    thumb Yvonne L.

      I have rarely had the pleasure of taking a class from a more passionate and knowledgeable teacher.  CJ Mills was energetic, moved at a perfect pace and had first hand experience as a PM.  Many of his words from the real world and not just a book.  At the end of this class, at the very least, you know exactly what you need to do before taking the PMP exam.  I was able to get a decent score on the in-class practice test just from absorbing the information in the class.  I passed the real test on the first try.  On top of all this, CJ made the class fun.  He has a great sense of humor!

    thumb Steven K.

      I signed up for the Project Management Academy boot camp, which is an intense but productive training that prepares you for the PMP or CAPM exams. My instructor, Cecilio "CJ" Mills, is knowledgeable, a force multiplier and provides the necessary tips and tricks to understand project management and pass the test. He has an upbeat attitude which engages, motivates, and encourages class participants to ask questions and learn from mistakes made in class. This training is worth the investment because it goes beyond the class program with access to materials, links, videos, and a study plan on their website that guides you to fill knowledge gaps and take mock exams. If you sign up for this training I would highly recommend taking the course in San Francisco with CJ Mills because he truly invests his efforts to coach and guide you to succeed.

    Boot Camp: 7/25-7/28 2016
    CAPM Exam: 8/2/2016 (PASS)

    thumb Rosella S.

      I attended Project Management Academy's PMP bootcamp in San Francisco and had the privilege of having CJ Mills as my instructor. He covered a ton of content (formulas, processes, etc) in the 4 day bootcamp and broke down the material in a way that made the information consumable and memorable. He did not simply go through slides but was very engaging throughout the 4 day bootcamp, making sure we retained the information so that we could successfully pass the PMP exam on first try.

    CJ was able to navigate the various experience levels and personality types in the classroom with ease and grace. A fellow bootcamper told me he had flown in from the mid-west to take the bootcamp because of the SF bootcamp/CJ's reputation and a coworker's recommendation. I liked the fact that CJ emphasized throughout the process that he would be available for anything we needed even after bootcamp which demonstrates the care and investment he gives to his students.

    CJ's passion about project management, breadth of knowledge, and talent as an educator was evident from day 1. If you are pursuing a career in project management and want to learn from the best, CJ is your person. He's the real deal.

    thumb Jackie M.

      I just finished a PMP boot camp with CJ and I would highly recommend it.  I learned so much over a four day time period and am feeling much more confident about my project management knowledge and ability to pass the PMP exam.  CJ is a great instructor, highly energetic and engaging.  He teaches to the test while making the material relatable and meaningful to your current project management experience and field.  If you're thinking about taking the PMP exam and looking for a solid training and an instructor that invests in your success than I would definitely suggest getting in touch with CJ.

    thumb Cyn L.

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